Mr Chew’s Asian Beaver

There are a vast array of Asian web sites with varying qualities of movies and content. Mr Chew’s Asian Beaver is among the elite of these sites.

The site is slightly thin on script as the invisible Mr. Chew is never seen. But the site is stocked full of mostly incredibly sexy Asian women in hot sexual action with the biggest studs in the business. The dialogue leading up to the sex is generally minimal, informational type of banter such as where are you from, what is your nationality and what is your favorite sexual position. The scene set up can be monotonous after viewing several movies, but the quality of the models and the content overcome these shortcomings. You simply get the best JAV Idol Movies in top quality.

The site is updated quite frequently with high quality trailers on the front of the site and new movies added to the members’ area. The models are of the highest quality and the action is hardcore at its finest, making Mr Chew’s Asian Beaver a must see among the thousands of choices in the Asian niche.

The movies are all high quality, replete with flat TV-style lighting, ludicrous plots, dialogue, and acting although its more of a narrative that an actual attempt at acting. You will also get full access to the thousands of real movies and videos plus photos. Mr Chew’s Asian Beaver is reality based, the streaming videos are the primary feature. However there are thousands of high quality video still photos from the movies. These photos are a great tool for viewing previews before streaming a video.

Of course the term reality is stretching the truth a little bit but who cares. The narrator/director is very canned with her delivery—in this case the porn star Lola—and could use a better setting than the studio scene with the same bed. However, the quality of the content overcomes most of this, and who cares about the dialogue anyway. Fast forward to the fucking and sucking part! Also although the content is exclusive, a negative may be that many of these girls have been seen on various other sites if you are a regular in the world of adult internet. If you’re a newbie, then these Far East flowers are all a new surprise for you.

These videos are entertaining plus the sex is hot as hell in most cases. You also have the option of viewing the videos in movie clip format or the entire movie in your media player. Overall, Mr Chew’s Asian Beaver is a great value and one of the top sites you’ll feast your eyes on in this niche.

Asian Snatch Movies

The orient…the home of the elusive and mysterious secrets of the asian female. Their sexual prowess and agility have infected men of the West with ‘yellow fever’ for years. Now the answer to this has come in the form of Asian Snatch Movies.

These hot asians sluts can’t get enough of big dicks and sticky cum apparently, if this site’s content is any indication. The humble opening page of this site shows off some of the hot pics in the form of video screenshots, in an existential attempt make the user want to view the videos. But, these pics are FINE- they’re all smokin’ hot asians sucking dick and taking up the ass, as well as a couple of gang-bangs and orgies. I’m getting the yellow fever just thinking about it!

This free tour is deceptively simple unfortunately, because the pay version of the site is totally fucking hot! Nothing but the hottest of the hot asians (could they really ever be ugly?) that go on for galleries and galleries, along with crystal clear videos that you can even download to your personal computer to save for later. Asian Snatch Movies doesn’t stop there however, because it even has some live feeds for those that want something a little more ‘interactive’. I even found it really easy to navigate, with appropriate categories, and a search function.

I was surprised to find out that not only did a subscription buy some hardcore asian slut action, but it also gets you into a bootload of other sites such as fetish camz, amateur sluts, big clits, old chicks, kutie hams and more. That’s a hell of a deal. You’ll rub your dick raw, there’s so much horny content.

All of this comes at a price of course, and that price is only $2.97 for a 3 day joy ride, or $39.97 for a full 30 days of bliss…it’s worth every penny though, because I also noticed that there’s new content added on a regular basis. Cure your yellow fever. Your dick will thank you.

XXX Neighbours

You’ve heard about these people on TV news reports and in glossy magazine stories… they’re swingers. People just like you and me, with the only difference being they have the balls (and ovaries) to reach out and take what they desire. Personally, I thank God for these courageous souls. But even more than for their courage, I thank God for their willingness to do anything, videotape it, and then share with the rest of us so we can see it all, uncut and uncensored, on websites like XXX Neighbours!

The content on XXX Neighbors may be amateur, but that doesn’t mean the quality is. Plus, there’s so much of it, you’ll never be able to see it all. You can easily become overwhelmed by the vast selection available here. Updates are pretty much constant, and there is a wide range of categories to choose from. You’ve got a whole library of downloadable media, erotic stories and confessions, photo sets spanning the whole swinging era from the 1970s to the present day… Some of these enterprising sexaholics have even set up live video feeds to their boudoirs!

Before logging on to XXX Neighbors, be sure to clear your schedule. Its mammoth selection of photos, movies and other erotic content — including a number of message boards and chatrooms dedicated to specific areas of interest — you’re gonna have your hands full… if you know what I mean. And, if you ever decide to do so, there’s more than one way for you to get in on the action yourself. XXX Neighbors is your one-stop shop for everything you ever wanted to know about the swinging lifestyle – and how to get in on it – but were afraid to ask. Just hook up with a more experienced player on one of the many chat boards, and you’re off!

As a bonus, the producers of XXX Neighbours have generously provided their subscribers with a vast array of hardcore freebies, giving you everything from oral to anal to lesbian to bisexual to pissing to bisexual to interracial to whatever other perversions you can possibly think of. There’s literally no end to it all.

Because they offer loads and loads of fresh content, including exclusive material from beautiful women whom I’ve never seen anywhere else on the net, I’m giving XXX Neighbors Five Fingers of Delight… my highest rating!

Asian Snatch

Everybody was Kung-fu FUCKING! The almond-eyed, slender-framed, subservient beauties of the Orient have always held men in their erotic thrall, and their exotic mystique is on full display at Asian Snatch. Here you’ll find the most complete collection of Asian-related hardcore that I’ve ever come across, and I mean that literally!

Getting through the huge collection of high-resolution photographs in’s massive, regularly-updated gallery archives was impossible… that’s one helluva lot of content. Simply put, this is the most comprehensive collection of Asian-oriented photography that I’ve ever come across, and I’ve come across many, and once again, I mean that literally!

The video selection is equally mammoth, with every possible fetish and perversion covered. If an Asian girl has done it, Asian Snatch has the video. There are literally hundreds of categories, with multiple resolution settings, and who knows how many hours of video… which you can either stream or download as WMV or MPG files, for those days when your net cuts out.

This being a Guerilla site, you also get a whole mess of free stuff, including access to a wide variety of sister-sites covering all the bases in the glittering diamond that is the adult entertainment industry. When you’re in the mood for Chinese – or Japanese, or Vietnamese, or Filipino, or Korean, or Laotian, or whatever – Asian Snatch is the one home delivery menu you always want to have at the ready.

You know, the exotic delights of the Far East are truly unique to that part of the world. It’s easy to fall for the seductive submissiveness of the women from a land where appearances can definitely be deceiving. It’s an interesting dichotomy that while Asian women are seen as so demure, the pornography from Asia is the absolute hardest of the hardcore. We’re not just talking about sucking and fucking, here… Asia is the land from whence the ancient tradition of bukkake was spawned!

Two final words of advice: No, number 69 is definitely NOT beef with broccoli, and yes, you WILL be hungry for more sooner than you think. But that’s okay, because when you subscribe to Asian Snatch, you get a generous helping of free bonus adult entertainment materials, including unrestricted access to a number of websites and services covering every genre and niche, not restricted strictly to the Asian fetish.

I give Asian Snatch Five Fingers Up, Grasshopper! No translation necessary!