Omars Club

When it comes to interracial porn, I’m very picky. In fact, most interracial porn sites don’t turn me on – they turn me off. These sites seem to hire any black guy off the street and the girls that are in the videos don’t even look like they’re enjoying the sex. So, I searched far and wide for an interracial site that was to my liking, and when I got to Omars Club, I was finally appeased.Omar’s Club documents the sexual adventures of one young and hung black man. He has many connections with the ladies – both through the pornography industry and otherwise. Omar knows how to get some very hot chicks and they all seem to beg for his 11 inch fuck stick.

Omar keeps his girls diverse, which is something I really like. There are quite a few young hot blondes that he screws, but he also shacks up with some chubby MILFs as well. Once in a while, Omar deviates from white chicks and tries out Hispanic or Asian pussy. His choice in women is always different which really keeps me coming back for more.

A membership to Omar’s Club is under $30 and it is well worth the price. The updates are frequent and the action is always hot. Women seem to swarm around Omar just waiting for a big dose of his meaty cock.

When you login to the member’s area of Omar’s Club, you’re immediately taken to all of the video episodes. Each episode is shown with one picture preview and clicking the picture will take you to a full preview page. On that page, you’ll see some more photos, find out the name of the video, and be able to download it in full. The videos are lengthy and very high in quality.

Below all the video updates is a link to the photo galleries. These galleries are all exclusive, high quality digital images, filled with very hot interracial sex. Omar sure does know how to pick his ladies.

Besides all the exclusive action, you also get access to some great bonus content. These bonus features include other short videos to get you going and access to two different feeds. The feeds update on a daily basis with at least one new clip. The archives stay in tact indefinitely so you’ll never miss out on anything. Also, another great feature in your membership is a free live cam site. This site allows you to see one free live show during every hour of every day. The girls are hot and at least one of them is online whenever you are.

Omar’s Club should be known as the new standard in interracial sex. It has a hung black guy that fucks very eager and sexy women. What more could you want?

Real Couples

Real Couples isn’t a pornsite anymore as much as it is a cultural movement. British couples line up in the streets to be featured on this hot amateur website. Here’s the premise: A couple contacts the production crew at Real Couples. The couple can be a husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, or just a fling. All that matters is that the couple is wild and ready to be on camera. The Real Couples crew comes in and films their lives for a day. They get interviewed about how they met and even go through some family photos and a house tour together. Once the preliminary introductions are done, the real action starts.

What does the real action entail? Well, that depends on what the couple’s personality is like. All the scenes end up being very hardcore but the scenarios change from day to day. Sometimes the lovers are shy at first while other times they’re totally wild and crazy from the start. There’s really no standard sex scene when it comes to this site which I think is a great thing.

If you’re still not quite understanding the concept of Real couples, just take the tour. Doing so doesn’t cost anything and it’ll give you a preview of every single video that you’ll find in the member’s area. The preview is just a short clip that shows you a little glimpse of the hot amateur action within. I got so turned on watching the few trailers that I saw that I just had to see the member’s area for myself.

The member’s area of Real Couples is very well organized. Often times, a true amateur site has a horrible layout but this is not the case this time around. The site is full of amateur videos but it is produced by professionals. This mix of inexperienced actresses and a very professional crew makes for a perfect combination.

When I first logged in, I was immediately shown the way to the newest update. Below that, I found thumbnailed links to all the archives. Each individual episode had a page of its own with a description, some preview thumbnails, links to download the videos, and a picture set. Downloads can be done in high and medium quality, which is very accommodating to dialup and broadband users at the same time. Picture sets that accompany the updates are all high quality digital images that are great to look at.

Along with all the exclusive content that’s featured on this great amateur couple website, you also get some decent bonus features. Bonus feeds are updated on a daily basis with a brand new hardcore video. Along with that, you also get access to free live cams. You’ll never have to pay for a private show again because all of these shows are fully nude and completely free, without any questions asked.

Real Couples is a revolutionary website with a great concept. Normal couples that never even considered doing porn are now lining up to be featured on this raunchy site. I’ve never seen anything like this before and was very happy with my visit all around.

XXX Neighbours

You’ve heard about these people on TV news reports and in glossy magazine stories… they’re swingers. People just like you and me, with the only difference being they have the balls (and ovaries) to reach out and take what they desire. Personally, I thank God for these courageous souls. But even more than for their courage, I thank God for their willingness to do anything, videotape it, and then share with the rest of us so we can see it all, uncut and uncensored, on websites like XXX Neighbours!

The content on XXX Neighbors may be amateur, but that doesn’t mean the quality is. Plus, there’s so much of it, you’ll never be able to see it all. You can easily become overwhelmed by the vast selection available here. Updates are pretty much constant, and there is a wide range of categories to choose from. You’ve got a whole library of downloadable media, erotic stories and confessions, photo sets spanning the whole swinging era from the 1970s to the present day… Some of these enterprising sexaholics have even set up live video feeds to their boudoirs!

Before logging on to XXX Neighbors, be sure to clear your schedule. Its mammoth selection of photos, movies and other erotic content — including a number of message boards and chatrooms dedicated to specific areas of interest — you’re gonna have your hands full… if you know what I mean. And, if you ever decide to do so, there’s more than one way for you to get in on the action yourself. XXX Neighbors is your one-stop shop for everything you ever wanted to know about the swinging lifestyle – and how to get in on it – but were afraid to ask. Just hook up with a more experienced player on one of the many chat boards, and you’re off!

As a bonus, the producers of XXX Neighbours have generously provided their subscribers with a vast array of hardcore freebies, giving you everything from oral to anal to lesbian to bisexual to pissing to bisexual to interracial to whatever other perversions you can possibly think of. There’s literally no end to it all.

Because they offer loads and loads of fresh content, including exclusive material from beautiful women whom I’ve never seen anywhere else on the net, I’m giving XXX Neighbors Five Fingers of Delight… my highest rating!

We Love Bukkake

We Love Bukkake is a brand new bukkake site that is sweeping the nation. Teens and MILFs alike all light up to get a big taste of that white man juice! These girls look like they love getting splashed with cum and watching them receive this treatment is a lot of fun. If you want to see some of the best facial content on the web, you have to check out We Love Bukkake.

As soon as I got into the member’s area of We Love Bukkake, I fell in love with it. Right in front of was a collection of girls with cum all over their faces. Under each set of pictures (one large, four small), there was a link to download the full length movie. I looked through the pages and pages of picture previews and even downloaded some full length features. The quality was astonishing!

We Love Bukkake updates weekly with a brand new video. The videos are amazing resolution WMV files. They vary in length but the particularly long films are divided into shorter clips. Every single movie delivers exactly what it promises: exclusive and explicit bukkake action.

Besides all the high quality videos that are available to you, there is also an extensive photo section with many galleries. Some of these galleries are filled with digital images while others are stills from the videos. Amazingly enough, the stills are of such good quality that they look like real photographs.

I was very impressed with the exclusive content featured at We Love Bukkake. With weekly updates and a huge archive, you can’t go wrong. Although there is plenty of content to make the membership worthwhile, you also get access to one of the best paysite bonus sections around. Here, you’ll get new hardcore videos every single day and full access to a cam site. This cam site isn’t the type where you pay per minute – it is completely free. You get to see at least one girl during most hours of the day.

I would recommend We Love Bukkake to any facial lover. This site is brand new and all exclusive: this means the content is extra fresh because it hasn’t had time to be leaked all over the internet yet. To see these hot full length scenes and all the sexy pictures within, head on over to We Love Bukkake!

One Man Banned

If you’re ready to explore a large variety of British porn, I’ve got the ultimate treat for you. One Man Banned is a site like no other. It features the huge archive of porn produced by One Eyed Jack. This is the most sought after collection of porn in the UK and now it’s all brought together to one place. And guess what? It updates weekly with brand new footage!

I’ll start off by saying this: One Eyed Jack is a lucky guy. He started out years ago with just a video camera and a love for porn, and look at him now? This guy is a celebrity in the production world because of his skill. Luckily for us, One Eyed Jack produces new pictures at the speed of light so there’s always something new to see at One Man Banned.

Taking the tour of One Man Banned will really show you everything you need to know. There are hundreds of updates with free trailers that are shown off for free and there is a whole lot more footage that isn’t even mentioned. There are no gimmicks or scams with this site: the video previews are displayed proudly and there’s absolutely nothing to hide because the site is so good.

I really enjoyed One Man Banned for many reasons, but the diversity of the movies was what really drew me in. The site features everything from casting couch auditions, first time girls on film, groups and gangbangs, facials and cumshots, solo girls, mature housewives, big tits, anal, ethnic babes, wild outdoor action, and a whole lot more. Basically, if you like a whole lot of variety in your porn, this site is a great choice.

Now, let’s talk about the member’s area. What I really loved about it was that it looked much like the tour. I like to know what I’m getting myself into when I sign up for a site and this was definitely the case here. At the top of the page I found the newest update and below I saw a thumbnail list of all the previous ones. This list was so large that it spanned two pages, and with weekly updates it’s always growing.

Each episode of One Man Banned comes with a description of the action, some preview pictures, and a link to download the scene in full. The files are very high quality and are in WMV format. As I mentioned before, all the scenes are extremely diverse so you’ll never know what you’re getting from week to week.

Besides having extensive archives and a great selection of films all around, One Man Banned has an amazing bonus section. The owners of this site pay a lot of money to be able to offer their members free live cams any time of day. I’m not talking about the free preview cams that you have to pay $5/min to see any good action – I’m talking about actual hour long free camshows from a variety of popular internet performers. At any given time, you’re likely to see at least one girl performing. Also, as a member you get access to two of the highest quality feeds out there. These feeds update once a day at the very least.

One Man Banned is the only place that you can see the whole set of videos produced by One Eyed Jack. These videos are some of the best in the industry and are well worth watching.

Real Sex Pass

Real Sex Pass is a no hassle and no gimmick network of sites that you will never forget. The collection of all exclusive and very hardcore sites included in this membership will leave your mind reeling. You’ll see everything from filthy bukkake teens to horny amateur housewives, with a lot of hard kinky action in between. This site will give you access to a definitive collection of the best porn sites coming from the UK!

Although there are many networks of websites out there, many are just filled with filler content and videos that you can’t download. Real Sex Pass gives you full access to 15 all exclusive sites with all the videos available for download. There’s nothing holding you back from storing over 150 gigs of porn on your hard drive. All you have to do is become a member and the flood gates of porn will open up for you!

The sites included in your membership encompass many different niches. In the amateur category, you have Amateur & Homemade Porn, Kim’s Amateurs, Your Choice Movies, and Real Couples. Out of these sites, Real Couples is by far my favorite and a classic site in the UK. There, you’ll find real amateur couples filmed by professionals. The video quality is crisp and clear while the actors are truly new to the porn scene. This mix is really fantastic. You also get a hefty dose of facials and bukkake in your membership. These messy sites include British Bukkake Babes, Cumface Disgrace, Tender Loving Abuse, and We Love Bukkake. If general extreme hardcore is what you’re after, you’ll have to spend some time with Clitty Slickers and One Man Banned. For interracial and voyeur, you have two options: Omar’s Club and Terry Vision. And finally, if you want some pornstar sites, you’ll have to check out Poppy Morgan, Sandie XXX, and Faye & Sandie’s colaboration site.

Real Sex Pass costs just a little more than a standard membership but it is certainly worth the price. There are tons of updates every week and all the sites are unique and hardcore. The quality is great on everything but the true amateur sites, for obvious reasons. Anyone with a truly dirty mind can enjoy a little dose of each and every one of these sites. If you don’t want to mess with seperate memberships to other sites, you should join Real Sex Pass and get 15 amazing quality sites for a fraction of the cost. Are you ready to join yet?