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Sandie Caine is one of the biggest porn stars in the UK, and if you like her, there’s no better place to see her than at her official website: Sandie XXX. Sandie is directly affiliated with this site and talks to the owner on a regular basis. She teams up with great producers in the UK to produce her porn and always has a big say in how it’s done. This girl isn’t just a pretty face and a smokin’ body: she is also the brains behind her great website.

So, what’s the advantage of having her actually participate in the creation of her site? Well, Sandie knows better than any one else what her fans want. She fights to get the best pictures and most hardcore videos up on her site, as well as behind the scenes stuff that you’ll never see anywhere else. Her long list of films and TV shows that she’s stared in the past really vouches for her credibility.

When you login to the member’s area of Sandie Caine’s official website, you have a few different options. I’ll talk about all the exclusive footage later, here are just some of the other goodies you get: Since this site is dedicated to her, there is quite a bit of information that you are privy to. This includes a lengthy bio and a diary with her personal thoughts and recent experiences. Also, if you’re really into Sandy, you can book her for your shoots. Not only does she do published work – she does unpublished work as well. If you’d like to have Sandie for yourself, you have that opportunity. Another great feature is Sandie’s store. Here, you can buy her autographed pictures, custom videos, or articles of clothing. Sandie doesn’t sell her DVDs here because you can get them elsewhere – she focuses on the personalized items that really make her site special.

Now, onto the exclusive content. Sandie keeps her photos and videos in separate section. The photos are very high in quality and include everything from solo shoots to hardcore bukkake gangbangs. Sandie does EVERYTHING, so you won’t be disappointed. The movies are just as diverse as the photos and the quality is excellent as well. Each video has three preview pictures and is divided into parts for download. Whether the action is softcore or hardcore, you get a big dose of Sandie Caine and all her friends.

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At White Trash Milfs, we discover the answer to that eternally burning question: “Where do all those barely legal models go when they grow up?” From the looks of things, I’m guessing that the producers of White Trash Milfs lay in waiting for them, just so they can scoop them up and give them a second life in the fast-growing and increasingly popular MILF genre.

If I have one complaint about White Trash Milfs, it’s that the name of the site isn’t very descriptive of the contents. The models here are the very epitome of class, with nary a tattoo or a bullet hole scar to mar their perfect flesh. Sure, there are a few stretch-marks here and there, but when you’re dealing with older women, that’s to be expected. These minor flaws are part of their charm. But white trash? The models here hardly qualify as that.

Nomenclatural issues notwithstanding, White Trash Milfs is an excellent offering in the mature genre. Beyond the usual cougar prowling videos, featuring some of the steamiest seduction scenes this reviewer has ever come across, the producers have seen fit to include some material that doesn’t normally find its way onto MILF-oriented sites. For instance, there is an abundance of hot lesbian action, with assertive older women guiding fine young females through their first experience with another woman. There’s also plenty of toy action.

The models at White Trash Milfs are almost universally exquisite, the best I’ve ever seen at a MILF site. And yet despite their glowing good looks, they retain that essential, mature, “mom I’d like to fuck” aura.

There are dozens of video categories archived at White Trash Milfs, each being a variation on the overriding theme of MILF. These videos may be watched directly via high quality streaming feeds, or they can be downloaded directly onto your computer, all in high resolution quality. The number of full-length videos available runs into the high dozens, and the shorter clips are too numerous to count. The photography section is also well above par.

As an added bonus, subscribers to White Trash Milfs get a whole whack of cool free bonus sites and services — including access to hardcore sites of all varieties and genres, as well as newsletters, free video feeds, message boards and camchat sites — as is the norm with sites produced by Team Guerilla.

I give White Trash Milfs five fingers up, because it’s my favorite MILF site on the net. And that’s saying something!

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You’ve heard about these people on TV news reports and in glossy magazine stories… they’re swingers. People just like you and me, with the only difference being they have the balls (and ovaries) to reach out and take what they desire. Personally, I thank God for these courageous souls. But even more than for their courage, I thank God for their willingness to do anything, videotape it, and then share with the rest of us so we can see it all, uncut and uncensored, on websites like XXX Neighbours!

The content on XXX Neighbors may be amateur, but that doesn’t mean the quality is. Plus, there’s so much of it, you’ll never be able to see it all. You can easily become overwhelmed by the vast selection available here. Updates are pretty much constant, and there is a wide range of categories to choose from. You’ve got a whole library of downloadable media, erotic stories and confessions, photo sets spanning the whole swinging era from the 1970s to the present day… Some of these enterprising sexaholics have even set up live video feeds to their boudoirs!

Before logging on to XXX Neighbors, be sure to clear your schedule. Its mammoth selection of photos, movies and other erotic content — including a number of message boards and chatrooms dedicated to specific areas of interest — you’re gonna have your hands full… if you know what I mean. And, if you ever decide to do so, there’s more than one way for you to get in on the action yourself. XXX Neighbors is your one-stop shop for everything you ever wanted to know about the swinging lifestyle – and how to get in on it – but were afraid to ask. Just hook up with a more experienced player on one of the many chat boards, and you’re off!

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