Real Couples

Real Couples isn’t a pornsite anymore as much as it is a cultural movement. British couples line up in the streets to be featured on this hot amateur website. Here’s the premise: A couple contacts the production crew at Real Couples. The couple can be a husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, or just a fling. All that matters is that the couple is wild and ready to be on camera. The Real Couples crew comes in and films their lives for a day. They get interviewed about how they met and even go through some family photos and a house tour together. Once the preliminary introductions are done, the real action starts.

What does the real action entail? Well, that depends on what the couple’s personality is like. All the scenes end up being very hardcore but the scenarios change from day to day. Sometimes the lovers are shy at first while other times they’re totally wild and crazy from the start. There’s really no standard sex scene when it comes to this site which I think is a great thing.

If you’re still not quite understanding the concept of Real couples, just take the tour. Doing so doesn’t cost anything and it’ll give you a preview of every single video that you’ll find in the member’s area. The preview is just a short clip that shows you a little glimpse of the hot amateur action within. I got so turned on watching the few trailers that I saw that I just had to see the member’s area for myself.

The member’s area of Real Couples is very well organized. Often times, a true amateur site has a horrible layout but this is not the case this time around. The site is full of amateur videos but it is produced by professionals. This mix of inexperienced actresses and a very professional crew makes for a perfect combination.

When I first logged in, I was immediately shown the way to the newest update. Below that, I found thumbnailed links to all the archives. Each individual episode had a page of its own with a description, some preview thumbnails, links to download the videos, and a picture set. Downloads can be done in high and medium quality, which is very accommodating to dialup and broadband users at the same time. Picture sets that accompany the updates are all high quality digital images that are great to look at.

Along with all the exclusive content that’s featured on this great amateur couple website, you also get some decent bonus features. Bonus feeds are updated on a daily basis with a brand new hardcore video. Along with that, you also get access to free live cams. You’ll never have to pay for a private show again because all of these shows are fully nude and completely free, without any questions asked.

Real Couples is a revolutionary website with a great concept. Normal couples that never even considered doing porn are now lining up to be featured on this raunchy site. I’ve never seen anything like this before and was very happy with my visit all around.

Amateur and Home Made Porn

Amateur and Homemade Porn is a site where you’ll find the best of amateur content. Shot by amateurs and performed by amateurs, this site brings you real sex and nothing but. With weekly updates and a whole slew of content, you’ll never get bored browsing this site. The videos are all acquired exclusively and the content is extremely hardcore. From public nudity to first time teen videos to experienced MILF whores, you’ll see it all here!

The member’s area of Amateur and Home Made Porn is very clean cut and simple. There are no gimmicks because this site delivers exactly what it promises… nothing less. As soon as you login, you’ll see the newest amateur videos. These videos are displayed with two preview thumbnails and links to download the videos. Videos are divided into clips so that both dialup and broadband users can download them. Going through the archives is very quick and simple. Amateur and Homemade Porn is a place where it’s really easy to find exactly what you want. Simplicity is the key to success, don’t you think?

The videos featured at this site all vary in quality. Of course the quality isn’t the best. If you want the best quality videos, you don’t like amateur porn – it’s that simple. The cameras used to shoot this porn aren’t the best, but they’re not supposed to be. Real people don’t have $2000 cameras in their closets. The length of the videos also varies and so does the subject matter. All of the content is extremely hardcore but some is a bit more fetish focused. There is a lot of variation from video to video which really does show how amateur the content is.

As a member of Amateur and Homemade Porn, you also get access to a great bonus section. As an amateur lover, chances are that you love live webcams as well. Well, Amateur and Homemade Porn has you covered in that department. Instead of just giving you free preview cams like most sites do, this site goes the extra mile. You get a full membership to Camz, which means that you get free live camshows every day. These shows are each an hour long and there are typically a couple performers to choose from during every hour of the day. All of the shows are fully nude and completely free. A membership to Amateur and Home Made Porn also entitles you to daily updates to a great website – It’s Your Porn! The content isn’t amateur but it’s a great perk of the membership. The quality is amazing and with daily updates, you’ll never run out of filler porn to look at.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with Amateur and Homemade Porn. This site is truly amateur with frequent updates and great content. I loved how candid and hardcore this site was and would recommend it to anyone that loves amateurs!

XXX Neighbours

You’ve heard about these people on TV news reports and in glossy magazine stories… they’re swingers. People just like you and me, with the only difference being they have the balls (and ovaries) to reach out and take what they desire. Personally, I thank God for these courageous souls. But even more than for their courage, I thank God for their willingness to do anything, videotape it, and then share with the rest of us so we can see it all, uncut and uncensored, on websites like XXX Neighbours!

The content on XXX Neighbors may be amateur, but that doesn’t mean the quality is. Plus, there’s so much of it, you’ll never be able to see it all. You can easily become overwhelmed by the vast selection available here. Updates are pretty much constant, and there is a wide range of categories to choose from. You’ve got a whole library of downloadable media, erotic stories and confessions, photo sets spanning the whole swinging era from the 1970s to the present day… Some of these enterprising sexaholics have even set up live video feeds to their boudoirs!

Before logging on to XXX Neighbors, be sure to clear your schedule. Its mammoth selection of photos, movies and other erotic content — including a number of message boards and chatrooms dedicated to specific areas of interest — you’re gonna have your hands full… if you know what I mean. And, if you ever decide to do so, there’s more than one way for you to get in on the action yourself. XXX Neighbors is your one-stop shop for everything you ever wanted to know about the swinging lifestyle – and how to get in on it – but were afraid to ask. Just hook up with a more experienced player on one of the many chat boards, and you’re off!

As a bonus, the producers of XXX Neighbours have generously provided their subscribers with a vast array of hardcore freebies, giving you everything from oral to anal to lesbian to bisexual to pissing to bisexual to interracial to whatever other perversions you can possibly think of. There’s literally no end to it all.

Because they offer loads and loads of fresh content, including exclusive material from beautiful women whom I’ve never seen anywhere else on the net, I’m giving XXX Neighbors Five Fingers of Delight… my highest rating!