Ding Dong the Fez Is Dead!

Sunday Celebrity news update..

Lindsay Lohan

Let the pervy men of America rejoice, for the unholy union of uberbabe Lindsay Lohan, just recently graduated from jailbaitdom, and Wilmer Valderrama, dorky Fez on ‘The 70’s Show’ has ended. The split was confirmed on Friday by Fez’s rep, Heidi Slan, who said, “they’re still friends.” Lohan’s press flak, Leslie Sloane Zelnick, wouldn’t go that far, simply saying that her client is “totally fine” and still working on her next release, Herbie Fully Loaded, an update of Disney’s Herbie the Love Bug.

The couple reportedly started dating before she became legal and only revealed their relationship when she was on the safe side of 18. Seems Fez has a thing for busty young ladies. Before bedding Lindsay, he dated large lunged Jennifer Love Hewitt. I guess Rod Stewart was right, some guys do have all the luck.

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