LS-University.. Perky cheerleader tits get exposed in catfights and soaked in wet t-shirt contests.

This is not your typical Lightspeed site. It is dedicated to nothing but hot asses in short skirts. I’m talking about cheerleaders. The first page of the tour really wets your appetite for the kind of things these cheerleaders do in their spare time. You get to see the games they play and the fun they have in and out of their cheerleading uniforms.

On the second page of the site you get all of your cheerleader fantasies coming to life. There are pictures of the girls doing almost everything you can think of. There are descriptions of all of the types of content you will find when you become a member. There are over 40,000 pictures for you to enjoy. This site is so into shooting pictures and video of cheerleaders if you let them know what your cheerleader fantasies are if they don’t have it they will try their best to get it for you. This is a customer driven website and they really listen to what you have to say. The best part of the preview comes after you’ve gotten worked up from seeing the other pictures on this page. You get three very hot video clips of cheerleaders in action. One in particular of two cheerleaders washing a car and then soaking each other with water is a must see.

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To show you how much the members enjoy the site they have even included excerpts from actual testimonials received by their members. After you join and see how much you enjoy the site you may even send in your own testimonial and see your words in print.

2 free LS-University sample galleries:

Gallery One : Gallery Two