Naughty Allie

Naughty Allie.. the dirty talking girl next door.

Have you ever wanted to explore your sexuality with a pretty girl? Have you wanted to see what it would be like to walk on the wild side with a sexy bisexual babe who has no inhibitions and who wants to try everything that brings pleasure?

Well that’s what Naughty Allie is inviting you to do with her and her partner. And along the way you can join the friendly community that Allie has built up in her site.

How does she achieve all this when so many other amateurs have tried and not succeeded? Allie and Jake (her partner) let you look right into their life by giving you a real interactive experience.

You can see regular photo gallery updates, there are plenty of hardcore videos that put you right into the action with Allie and there is Allie’s Journal where she gives you a peek into her day to day life and members can add comments. And then there are the webcams and the webcam chatroom where members can interact with Allie and with each other.

There are extra benefits too so perhaps we should look at all these things individually just to show you what a complete site this really is.

The Naughty Journal is Allie’s daily diary in which she shares her ups and downs and the common every day things that happen in her life. If you have ever wondered what each day brings for a sexy babe like Naughty Allie then her journal is a must read. Members also have the ability to interact with Allie via comments that members can add to each journal entry.

Those comments show that Allie has drawn people from all over the world and has welded together a community of warm friendly people who love the way Allie shares her life with them. They are even supportive of one another and Allie is supportive of them.

The Photo Gallery Section is big and features quality images taken in all sorts of situations. There are solo times, twosomes, threesomes and everything up to orgies. The galleries are all neatly set out and you can choose to either view each image individually or you can use a slide show link that will play each image without the distraction of using your mouse.

The thumbnails for each gallery and the corresponding images are big and clear. However, if you’re on a dial up connection then the file size for the big images might be a little too big for you. They’re certainly not huge but they are big enough that download times will be slow.

Each set of images is clearly thumbnailed and each gallery includes comments by Allie that help set the scene and explain the action that happened during the time those photos were taken. It’s like reading an erotic story complete with illustrations.

The video section is excellent and even includes a large collection of galleries containing images taken from the videos. These galleries are set up just the same was as the galleries from the photo section.

The videos themselves are divided into low and high resolution to cater for the various connection speeds that members will have. Viewing the videos was simply a matter of choosing which connection speed you wanted and clicking on the relevant link.

The videos are full length, no silly little 1 minute clips here, and so you get the whole movie without the need to keep going back and starting the next clip. If you are using Firefox you will know that you can only download the video to your hard drive. Download time on my broadband connection wasn’t brilliant but it certainly wasn’t slow either.

Of course, if you use Internet Explorer you will be able to stream the videos direct from Naughty Allie’s site. The quality of the videos is excellent considering that this is a genuine amateur site. However, streaming was not fast and there were definite delays due to buffering. I believe that those delays were due to some problem affecting the Internet and not just a problem with Allie’s site.

The live cams and webcams are a feature of this site and you can view any of the webcam shows on three different cam networks. There is no cost to view these cam shows because that is included in the membership fee you pay when you join up with Naughty Allie.

Allie also has her own webcam chat room where you can talk face to face with Allie or with other members. You can still access the room and chat even if you don’t have your own webcam. There are also some live cams being set up in Allie’s home so that you can watch her in various parts of the house … including the shower.

The extras that I talked about earlier include access to a lot of other sites. There were over 60 extra sites just on the first page alone and there were six other pages as well.

Members also get direct access to Allie via her private email address and she even provides easy links for you to follow if you should wish to cancel your membership.

Overall I would have to say that this is an excellent site and one that you will enjoy immensely. Allie’s bubbling and erotic personality fills this site and even after a just a short stay you will feel as if you have known her intimately for years.

The site design is simple yet effective and you are never more than two or three clicks away from anything that you want to see. Navigation links are clearly marked and appear on every page.

Allie updates her Journal on a daily basis and the rest of the site is updated regularly. Cam shows are frequent and there is an easily understood timetable to help you see when she will be on line next.

For a site that offers so much on such a personal level and allows you to interact with Allie I would have to say that the membership of just $24.95 a month is an absolute bargain.