She’s Boss

Smothering and facesitting is the name of the game and Shes Boss is the best place to find it. These girls want nothing more than to sit on a willing (or not-so-willing) face and rub up against it. They don’t take it easier – they hop up and down and rub every bit of themselves all over the poor guys’ faces. They even smother with their tits and hands when they’re feeling particularly powerful.

She’s Boss is a pussy and ass worship site that’s very unique and original. The girls are definitely in charge but you can’t help but see that the guys derive a bit of pleasure from being submissive. Smothering is NOT like regular pussy licking. In fact, at times the guys can’t even lick because they’re just trying to inhale a breath of fresh air. Sure, that overpowering smell of pussy is great, but oxygen is what they really want at times.

Don’t forget that facesitting is definitely a form of female domination. It isn’t necessarily about getting off for the women involved as it is to have control over a man that would be typically stronger than the woman in other situations. The dynamic in the videos on this site is extremely interesting. The girls demand control and the guys relinquish it just for a brief tasting of that sweet, sweet pussy.

Whether you’re an avid smothering fan or this is a new concept for you entirely, it’s really worth it to check out Shes Boss. The site is filled with hard pussy licking action and a whole lot more. The girls range in types from ages to body types but they all have something very special about them. None of these ladies are plain and they all really love to take over a man’s sex life. If you want to watch women dominating men and men loving every second of it, She’s Boss is the place to be. She is the boss and she will teach you a thing or two about how to behave and how to ultimately please a woman.

Euro Fister

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Sandie XXX

Sandie Caine is one of the biggest porn stars in the UK, and if you like her, there’s no better place to see her than at her official website: Sandie XXX. Sandie is directly affiliated with this site and talks to the owner on a regular basis. She teams up with great producers in the UK to produce her porn and always has a big say in how it’s done. This girl isn’t just a pretty face and a smokin’ body: she is also the brains behind her great website.

So, what’s the advantage of having her actually participate in the creation of her site? Well, Sandie knows better than any one else what her fans want. She fights to get the best pictures and most hardcore videos up on her site, as well as behind the scenes stuff that you’ll never see anywhere else. Her long list of films and TV shows that she’s stared in the past really vouches for her credibility.

When you login to the member’s area of Sandie Caine’s official website, you have a few different options. I’ll talk about all the exclusive footage later, here are just some of the other goodies you get: Since this site is dedicated to her, there is quite a bit of information that you are privy to. This includes a lengthy bio and a diary with her personal thoughts and recent experiences. Also, if you’re really into Sandy, you can book her for your shoots. Not only does she do published work – she does unpublished work as well. If you’d like to have Sandie for yourself, you have that opportunity. Another great feature is Sandie’s store. Here, you can buy her autographed pictures, custom videos, or articles of clothing. Sandie doesn’t sell her DVDs here because you can get them elsewhere – she focuses on the personalized items that really make her site special.

Now, onto the exclusive content. Sandie keeps her photos and videos in separate section. The photos are very high in quality and include everything from solo shoots to hardcore bukkake gangbangs. Sandie does EVERYTHING, so you won’t be disappointed. The movies are just as diverse as the photos and the quality is excellent as well. Each video has three preview pictures and is divided into parts for download. Whether the action is softcore or hardcore, you get a big dose of Sandie Caine and all her friends.

Sandie Caine is a very talented British pornstar that’s a self proclaimed cumslut. She loves everything that has to do with sex and performs very well whether she’s on camera or not. The official site of Sandie is the best place to be if you want to see her. She manages the site herself and is an active participant in the whole operation. A slut with a brain… who would have predicted that?

Euro Fetish Freaks

Euro Fetish Freaks has 1000’s of downloadable XXX Uncensored and Hardcore XXX Fetish Porn Films straight from Europe! These girls just love to get nasty and a little bit freaky to show off their darker side and you get to see them all. See the Euro Fetish Freaks trailers now. Or start downloading from their massive collection of Full Length Hardcore Porn Movies Today!

Big Tit Patrol

There are overabundances of big tit sites but only very few that stand out among the rest. Big Tit Patrol is one site that stands out among many others in the competitive big tit niche.

The one major mistake made my producers of big tit sites is the over attention made to the large breasts and the rest of the model is substandard in some way: face, hair, ass or some other defect that turns your attention away from the niche. Big tits on fat girls are not that unusual. They’re fat so a set of big boobs is a natural byproduct but If you want to do it right, the models must be attractive in other areas as well. The overall attractiveness of the model as well as her chest and the sex that follows is what gets the surfer off. Big Tit Patrol understands that, using nothing but high quality entertainers as well as ones with large natural tits. No fakes here by the way.

The site is devoid of any believable reality setting as it’s shot in a studio, but it’s stocked full of mostly incredibly sexy young models and their huge natural boobs in titty fucking and sucking action with the biggest studs in the business. The dialogue leading up to the sex is generally minimal, informational type of banter such as where are you from and do you know why you are here and how big are those puppies. The scene set up can be monotonous after viewing several movies in succession, but the quality of the models and the content overcome these shortcomings.

The site is updated quite frequently with high quality trailers on the front of the site and new movies added to the members’ area. The models are of the highest quality and the action is hardcore at its finest, making Big Tit Patrol a easy choice among the many choices among big natural tit sites.

The movies are all high quality, replete with flat TV-style lighting, ludicrous plots, dialogue, and acting although it’s more of a narrative that an actual attempt at acting. You will also get full access to the thousands of real movies and videos plus photos. Although the site is loosely reality based, the streaming videos are the primary feature. However there are thousands of high quality video still photos from the movies. These photos are a great tool for viewing previews before streaming a video.

Of course the term reality is stretching the truth a little bit but who cares. The narrator/director is very canned with her delivery—in this case the porn star Lola—and could use a better setting than the studio scene with the same bed although later updates have been in a living room setting. However, the quality of the content overcomes most of this, and who cares about the dialogue anyway. Fast forward to the fucking and sucking part! Also although the content is exclusive, a negative may be that many of these girls have been seen on various other sites if you are a regular in the world of adult internet. If you’re a internet porn novice, then these nasty big melon babes are all a new surprise for you.

These videos are entertaining even without quality plots plus the sex is hot as hell in most cases. You also have the option of viewing the videos in movie clip format or the entire movie in your media player. Overall, Big Tit Patrol is an outstanding value and one of the top sites you’ll feast your eyes on in this crowded niche.