Voyeur Dorm

Always living up to it’s media hype, VoyeurDorm is exposing the wild lives of sexy teen college girls live on cam. As the first site to delve headfirst into the live candid cam market it has become successful enough to recruit the hottest girls and run a 5 star site that never lets viewers down. What puts VoyeurDorm above the rest isn’t just their 24/7 multi-cam coverage of several girls, but their trademark interaction. Girls are always engaged with viewers in chat and are very willing to show members a great time.

The VoyeurDorm team does an excellent job of keeping the site updated and user friendly. The newly revamped site looks amazing with lots of topless dorm girls on a hot pink site to welcome you into the members section. Once you’re inside, there is rarely a disappointing moment. The VoyeurDorm site is the most well established candid cam site in the industry, and it’s quality is still unfaltering.

Currently there are over 25 live cams rolling 24/7, and an ever growing family of rambunctious dorm girls. The site becomes extremely addicting since every minute you could be missing a hot view of a stripping girl or a steamy conversation in video chat. It’s even harder to put restraints on yourself when the live chat and video is free for members, so you can chat and watch these girls for as long as you can keep your eyes open! VoyeurDorm

Euro Dikes

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Virgin Fisters

Ah yes, the fine art of fisting. Fisting is the all-too-accurate name we have given to the age-old sexual practice of inserting the entire hand, and occasionally part of the wrist and arm, into the cunt (vaginal fisting) or asshole (anal fisting and, also, handballing) of our sexual partner. Believe it or not, there are actual scientific terms for these practices. Among eggheads, vaginal fisting is known as “brachiovaginal eroticism” and asshole fisting is called “brachioproctic eroticism”. None of this tells you whether Virgin Fisters is a good fisting porn site, but it helps to know the fundamentals.

Like author D.M. Thomas, whose novel The White Hotel features a main character who is uses his girlfriend’s twat as his own personal hand-warmer, the folks behind Virgin Fisters are obsessed with the sacred act of forcing as much skin, muscle and bone into a cavity designed for a six-inch long hot-dog shaped thingy as it can take… and beyond. The depraved acts of vaginal indifference depicted in the scores of video and photo galleries on display at Virgin Fisters are so biologically intrusive that they take on a sort of holiness. Fisting is a sacred act, kind of like a prayer. Only praying takes two hands. But don’t worry, there’s some girls on Virgin Fisters who can do that, too.

There is much original content available at Virgin Fisters, so much so that the evening I spent perusing the site barely allowed me to scratch the surface. This is remarkable to me, because I never knew there were so many horny women wanting to get their pussies, and sometimes their asses, manually spread wide open. And the crazy insertions don’t stop with hands! There’s one video – part of a longer set – in which a girl gets fisted, then sticks a champagne bottle up her pussy before popping out ping-pong balls from out of nowhere. That kind of blew my mind. In another video, one girl gets fisted vaginally while the same guy gently fists her ass. She was barely making a sound, let me tell you.

The videos here range in length from 5 to 15 minutes long, and they are all downloadable in both mpeg and mov format. The video quality is great, as is the sound, which helps you hear every squelching, squishy detail. Most excellent hardcore fisting action.

But man cannot live on fisting alone, and the people behind Virgin Fisters understand that. That’s why they provide subscribers with ooey-gooey loads of bonus sites, catering to all tastes and fetishes. You get free access to all kinds of downloadable hardcore content, as well as chat rooms, hookup boards and even some free live sex show feeds from Amsterdam, which makes Virgin Fisters quite the adult entertainment bargain.

I give Virgin Fisters Five Fingers Up! I mean, think about it… how could I not?!

Dirty Fling

Dirty Fling – There are literally thousands of women across the world wanting to get laid right now ! That’s right … while you read this some woman is waiting to find out who they are going to fuck tonight. So that’s where we come in. We offer an online service for dirty nympho sluts to make profiles and advertise their location and what they are looking for. All you need to do is signup and start contacting them.

Back Alley Hookers

Truth be told, every single one of us is a prostitute in one way or another, in the sense that anyone selling their bodies or services for an unworthy cause may be said to be prostituting themselves. Most of us, however, will never be unlucky enough to find ourselves sucking cock in some dank back alley just to scratch up enough cash to buy a combo dinner from the Chinese restaurant around the corner. Such are the fucked up lives explored by the makers of Back Alley Hookers, one of the most depressing but compelling websites I’ve had the displeasure of reviewing.

Back Alley Hookers offers us a glimpse at the raw pink underbelly of the true underground society. These aren’t the kind of people or the kind of behaviors you’re likely to find in suburbia (unless you hang out with bikers and meth-heads), but no matter where you are, you’re never more than a drive away from the kind of slums where you can mix and mingle with lowlife sluts who can’t say no to anything… because they can’t afford to! The monkeys on their backs won’t let them.

This site features all-original content, and I have to give it up to the producers… they really take their lives into their hands when they go into some of these places. I hope they’re packing heat when they do their drive-by pick-ups. Not that the girls themselves are totally unredeemed. Some of them come from good homes, and are suffering the consequences of bad choices. They talk about themselves, about their lives, their fucked up families, all that stuff. You get to hear a lot of crazy stories about fucked-up chicks doing crazy things to piss off their parents, or feed their drug habits, or what have you. Some of the stories are hard to believe. Sure, some of them are probably lying in an effort to squeeze some pity-cash from their new friend with the videocamera, but that’s to be expected… these are prostitutes we’re dealing with, not Girl Guides.

Besides you’re not surfing this website for skuzzier-than-normal Taxi Cab Confessions, are you? You’re here for some down and dirty hardcore fucking! And these whores don’t disappoint.

As I previously mentioned, the content on Back Alley Hookers is totally exclusive, and is focused mostly on the video side of the porn equation. The videos here are available as streams as well as downloads, in either high or low quality (depending on your modem speed). The models here aren’t the crème of the crop, of course, but they aren’t bad, either. Which makes sense, as looking hot and fuckable is part of their business. Still, if you’re INTO so-real-they’re-hard-to-look-at girls, there are a few tragic looking meth-heads here to satisfy your morbid curiosity. That’s about all they’re good for, unfortunately, as their drug habits (and jobs) have apparently robbed them of all enthusiasm for sex. With these hollow-eyed zombies, desultory blowjobs and sloppy anal probing are the best you can hope for.

Even though it’s depressing at times, I give Back Alley Hookers Five Fingers Up.

White Trash Milf Movies

Straight from the Trailer Park these 40-50 something need to get fucked just like everyone else. Difference is, these whores will fuck and suck their way for a bottle of Malt Liquor. Cum and see these nasty bitches jerk off their best friends husband while they work the night shift at the truck stop!!!

From the beaches of Venice Beach to the Trailer Parks in tornado alley. We have some of the nastiest milf movies with sucking and fucking hardcore action. See as these whores can balance sucking off the maintenence man, smoking a cigarette with an inch long ash that doesn’t fall and heating microwave dinners in the microwave.

White Trash Milfs

At White Trash Milfs, we discover the answer to that eternally burning question: “Where do all those barely legal models go when they grow up?” From the looks of things, I’m guessing that the producers of White Trash Milfs lay in waiting for them, just so they can scoop them up and give them a second life in the fast-growing and increasingly popular MILF genre.

If I have one complaint about White Trash Milfs, it’s that the name of the site isn’t very descriptive of the contents. The models here are the very epitome of class, with nary a tattoo or a bullet hole scar to mar their perfect flesh. Sure, there are a few stretch-marks here and there, but when you’re dealing with older women, that’s to be expected. These minor flaws are part of their charm. But white trash? The models here hardly qualify as that.

Nomenclatural issues notwithstanding, White Trash Milfs is an excellent offering in the mature genre. Beyond the usual cougar prowling videos, featuring some of the steamiest seduction scenes this reviewer has ever come across, the producers have seen fit to include some material that doesn’t normally find its way onto MILF-oriented sites. For instance, there is an abundance of hot lesbian action, with assertive older women guiding fine young females through their first experience with another woman. There’s also plenty of toy action.

The models at White Trash Milfs are almost universally exquisite, the best I’ve ever seen at a MILF site. And yet despite their glowing good looks, they retain that essential, mature, “mom I’d like to fuck” aura.

There are dozens of video categories archived at White Trash Milfs, each being a variation on the overriding theme of MILF. These videos may be watched directly via high quality streaming feeds, or they can be downloaded directly onto your computer, all in high resolution quality. The number of full-length videos available runs into the high dozens, and the shorter clips are too numerous to count. The photography section is also well above par.

As an added bonus, subscribers to White Trash Milfs get a whole whack of cool free bonus sites and services — including access to hardcore sites of all varieties and genres, as well as newsletters, free video feeds, message boards and camchat sites — as is the norm with sites produced by Team Guerilla.

I give White Trash Milfs five fingers up, because it’s my favorite MILF site on the net. And that’s saying something!

Asian Snatch Movies

The orient…the home of the elusive and mysterious secrets of the asian female. Their sexual prowess and agility have infected men of the West with ‘yellow fever’ for years. Now the answer to this has come in the form of Asian Snatch Movies.

These hot asians sluts can’t get enough of big dicks and sticky cum apparently, if this site’s content is any indication. The humble opening page of this site shows off some of the hot pics in the form of video screenshots, in an existential attempt make the user want to view the videos. But, these pics are FINE- they’re all smokin’ hot asians sucking dick and taking up the ass, as well as a couple of gang-bangs and orgies. I’m getting the yellow fever just thinking about it!

This free tour is deceptively simple unfortunately, because the pay version of the site is totally fucking hot! Nothing but the hottest of the hot asians (could they really ever be ugly?) that go on for galleries and galleries, along with crystal clear videos that you can even download to your personal computer to save for later. Asian Snatch Movies doesn’t stop there however, because it even has some live feeds for those that want something a little more ‘interactive’. I even found it really easy to navigate, with appropriate categories, and a search function.

I was surprised to find out that not only did a subscription buy some hardcore asian slut action, but it also gets you into a bootload of other sites such as fetish camz, amateur sluts, big clits, old chicks, kutie hams and more. That’s a hell of a deal. You’ll rub your dick raw, there’s so much horny content.

All of this comes at a price of course, and that price is only $2.97 for a 3 day joy ride, or $39.97 for a full 30 days of bliss…it’s worth every penny though, because I also noticed that there’s new content added on a regular basis. Cure your yellow fever. Your dick will thank you.

Desperate Wife Finder

Desperate Wife Finder – Meet married women eager for a change in their lives right now! Check out the lonely and desperate housewives in their huge database! This is the largest collection of unfaithful and desperate wives online to date, and these women are not about playing games! Most of the members have web cams and are eager to chat and fool around. Ultimately, these ladies are eager for in the flesh hook-ups with local men. Desperate Wife Finder.