Barely Mature

Mature women… Oh! The things you can learn from them! But it’s true that there are some porn consumers out there for whom the wrinkly flesh, the saggy tits and nipples that look like dead goldfish is more than they can handle. That’s where Barely Mature comes in. It’s a website that specializes in women who are just entering their “golden years”, without being full-fledged Golden Girls quite yet.

Barely Mature features very lovely (and, needless to say, mature) women in various states of undress, up to and including full-on fantasy fuck situations. These ladies are flashing their sweet, experienced and fold-filled cunts in your face in high quality videos in all the popular formats, as well as in pictorials that will leave you drooling for more. These gray ladies know what to do with a man, because they’ve probably raised a few, themselves! There’s no more need to waste your precious time with idiotic chicks who don’t know all the best sex tricks. Experience is the spice of life, and that’s a fact, whatever you’re talking about.

The models featured at Barely Mature aren’t the most extreme of the aged pornography set. They aren’t grizzled grandmothers and old decrepit Mother Theresa lookalike freakdshows. They’re just a shade older than the typical MILF, truth be told. But they are a bunch of hot-to-trot elder sluts who love to spread their legs wide open for anyone still willing to toss one their way. Yes, their bushes might have a touch of gray, and perhaps its true that some of them are going through the change of life. But trust me, you haven’t seen hot sex until you’ve seen hot-flash sex! The models at may be menopausal, but there’s plenty of willing young “men” ready to “pause” for a while at the altar of their experience.

Watching the vast video library at Barely Mature, it suddenly dawned on me that there’s someone out there for everyone. Watching those handsome young dudes, who clearly could get pussy of a much younger vintage if they so desired, lovingly lubricating the paper-dry pussies of their retirement-age partners with their clear, liquid precum… I almost got emotional. These guys were actually making those old twats as wet and willing as a schoolgirl’s, because they love it! And why shouldn’t they? They want to show that they’re good boys, after all. They want to earn teacher’s approval. And therein lies the attraction.

At Barely Mature, the pantsuits come off and the bathrobes are thrown wide open as horny divorcees beg for and receive all the cock they can possibly take. The gallery of pictures and the videos are great. The videos are available as downloadable MPG clips that last around a minute each, or as streaming full-size movies. Other bonuses you’ll find are access to a whole host of websites, featuring related and un-related materials, as well as access to some of the best non-adult content on the net.

I give Barely Mature a total of Five Wrinkly Fingers Up!

White Trash Milf Movies

Straight from the Trailer Park these 40-50 something need to get fucked just like everyone else. Difference is, these whores will fuck and suck their way for a bottle of Malt Liquor. Cum and see these nasty bitches jerk off their best friends husband while they work the night shift at the truck stop!!!

From the beaches of Venice Beach to the Trailer Parks in tornado alley. We have some of the nastiest milf movies with sucking and fucking hardcore action. See as these whores can balance sucking off the maintenence man, smoking a cigarette with an inch long ash that doesn’t fall and heating microwave dinners in the microwave.

White Trash Milfs

At White Trash Milfs, we discover the answer to that eternally burning question: “Where do all those barely legal models go when they grow up?” From the looks of things, I’m guessing that the producers of White Trash Milfs lay in waiting for them, just so they can scoop them up and give them a second life in the fast-growing and increasingly popular MILF genre.

If I have one complaint about White Trash Milfs, it’s that the name of the site isn’t very descriptive of the contents. The models here are the very epitome of class, with nary a tattoo or a bullet hole scar to mar their perfect flesh. Sure, there are a few stretch-marks here and there, but when you’re dealing with older women, that’s to be expected. These minor flaws are part of their charm. But white trash? The models here hardly qualify as that.

Nomenclatural issues notwithstanding, White Trash Milfs is an excellent offering in the mature genre. Beyond the usual cougar prowling videos, featuring some of the steamiest seduction scenes this reviewer has ever come across, the producers have seen fit to include some material that doesn’t normally find its way onto MILF-oriented sites. For instance, there is an abundance of hot lesbian action, with assertive older women guiding fine young females through their first experience with another woman. There’s also plenty of toy action.

The models at White Trash Milfs are almost universally exquisite, the best I’ve ever seen at a MILF site. And yet despite their glowing good looks, they retain that essential, mature, “mom I’d like to fuck” aura.

There are dozens of video categories archived at White Trash Milfs, each being a variation on the overriding theme of MILF. These videos may be watched directly via high quality streaming feeds, or they can be downloaded directly onto your computer, all in high resolution quality. The number of full-length videos available runs into the high dozens, and the shorter clips are too numerous to count. The photography section is also well above par.

As an added bonus, subscribers to White Trash Milfs get a whole whack of cool free bonus sites and services — including access to hardcore sites of all varieties and genres, as well as newsletters, free video feeds, message boards and camchat sites — as is the norm with sites produced by Team Guerilla.

I give White Trash Milfs five fingers up, because it’s my favorite MILF site on the net. And that’s saying something!