Angelina Wants to be Tied Down

Better late than never here’s Mondays: Sunday Celebrity news update..

Angelina Jolie

No, boys and girls, she’s not saying she wants to be married again. Pouty lipped Angelina Jolie says that she’ll know the perfect man when she meets him because he’ll want to tie her down. She told this month’s Allure magazine, “I’ve never been tied up. I have a feeling the person that does it will be the one. I think that’s what I’d like.” She says that she introduced her first two husbands, Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton, to the more violent side of sex, but neither of them was willing to take it as far as she wanted. She says, “A lot of my relationships just weren’t honest enough. So I took them down different paths toward violence or wildness… to try to find somebody to hold me down and make me feel. S&M sex can be misinterpreted as violence. It’s really about trust. I like to push boundaries, both emotional and sexual, with another person. That’s when I’ve felt the sexiest. I’ve been in both submissive and dominant roles because I want more.”

And when asked if becoming a mother and being a little older has slowed her down, a mischievous Jolie says, “I guarantee you, my life is much more wild and free and headline-worthy today than it was when I was in all the headlines.”

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