Back Alley Hookers

Truth be told, every single one of us is a prostitute in one way or another, in the sense that anyone selling their bodies or services for an unworthy cause may be said to be prostituting themselves. Most of us, however, will never be unlucky enough to find ourselves sucking cock in some dank back alley just to scratch up enough cash to buy a combo dinner from the Chinese restaurant around the corner. Such are the fucked up lives explored by the makers of Back Alley Hookers, one of the most depressing but compelling websites I’ve had the displeasure of reviewing.

Back Alley Hookers offers us a glimpse at the raw pink underbelly of the true underground society. These aren’t the kind of people or the kind of behaviors you’re likely to find in suburbia (unless you hang out with bikers and meth-heads), but no matter where you are, you’re never more than a drive away from the kind of slums where you can mix and mingle with lowlife sluts who can’t say no to anything… because they can’t afford to! The monkeys on their backs won’t let them.

This site features all-original content, and I have to give it up to the producers… they really take their lives into their hands when they go into some of these places. I hope they’re packing heat when they do their drive-by pick-ups. Not that the girls themselves are totally unredeemed. Some of them come from good homes, and are suffering the consequences of bad choices. They talk about themselves, about their lives, their fucked up families, all that stuff. You get to hear a lot of crazy stories about fucked-up chicks doing crazy things to piss off their parents, or feed their drug habits, or what have you. Some of the stories are hard to believe. Sure, some of them are probably lying in an effort to squeeze some pity-cash from their new friend with the videocamera, but that’s to be expected… these are prostitutes we’re dealing with, not Girl Guides.

Besides you’re not surfing this website for skuzzier-than-normal Taxi Cab Confessions, are you? You’re here for some down and dirty hardcore fucking! And these whores don’t disappoint.

As I previously mentioned, the content on Back Alley Hookers is totally exclusive, and is focused mostly on the video side of the porn equation. The videos here are available as streams as well as downloads, in either high or low quality (depending on your modem speed). The models here aren’t the crème of the crop, of course, but they aren’t bad, either. Which makes sense, as looking hot and fuckable is part of their business. Still, if you’re INTO so-real-they’re-hard-to-look-at girls, there are a few tragic looking meth-heads here to satisfy your morbid curiosity. That’s about all they’re good for, unfortunately, as their drug habits (and jobs) have apparently robbed them of all enthusiasm for sex. With these hollow-eyed zombies, desultory blowjobs and sloppy anal probing are the best you can hope for.

Even though it’s depressing at times, I give Back Alley Hookers Five Fingers Up.