J. Lo’s Sex Scene Breakdown

Sunday Celebrity news update..

Jennifer Lopez

Although she may seem like a mega-bitch diva these days, Jennifer Lopez wasn’t always the confident J. Lo we’ve all grown to know and sort of love. Now she may boss around people on the set, but when she was starting out she had trouble standing up for herself. Back in 1997 while making U Turn for director Oliver Stone, Lopez found herself in tears before the director because she didn’t want to shoot the planned sex scene with Sean Penn. You’ll remember that the sex scene only resulted in a brief flash of her nipples, but she still feels the trauma of the experience. She recently spoke about the experience. “Urgh. Yeah, the sex scenes were bad. It was hard being the only woman on set with those strong men. I just started crying and fighting. But Oliver was like, ‘Take off your top.'” Lopez had another sex scene in an early film, Money Train and she also describes that experience as “horrible.”

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