Mr Chew’s Asian Beaver

There are a vast array of Asian web sites with varying qualities of movies and content. Mr Chew’s Asian Beaver is among the elite of these sites.

The site is slightly thin on script as the invisible Mr. Chew is never seen. But the site is stocked full of mostly incredibly sexy Asian women in hot sexual action with the biggest studs in the business. The dialogue leading up to the sex is generally minimal, informational type of banter such as where are you from, what is your nationality and what is your favorite sexual position. The scene set up can be monotonous after viewing several movies, but the quality of the models and the content overcome these shortcomings. You simply get the best JAV Idol Movies in top quality.

The site is updated quite frequently with high quality trailers on the front of the site and new movies added to the members’ area. The models are of the highest quality and the action is hardcore at its finest, making Mr Chew’s Asian Beaver a must see among the thousands of choices in the Asian niche.

The movies are all high quality, replete with flat TV-style lighting, ludicrous plots, dialogue, and acting although its more of a narrative that an actual attempt at acting. You will also get full access to the thousands of real movies and videos plus photos. Mr Chew’s Asian Beaver is reality based, the streaming videos are the primary feature. However there are thousands of high quality video still photos from the movies. These photos are a great tool for viewing previews before streaming a video.

Of course the term reality is stretching the truth a little bit but who cares. The narrator/director is very canned with her delivery—in this case the porn star Lola—and could use a better setting than the studio scene with the same bed. However, the quality of the content overcomes most of this, and who cares about the dialogue anyway. Fast forward to the fucking and sucking part! Also although the content is exclusive, a negative may be that many of these girls have been seen on various other sites if you are a regular in the world of adult internet. If you’re a newbie, then these Far East flowers are all a new surprise for you.

These videos are entertaining plus the sex is hot as hell in most cases. You also have the option of viewing the videos in movie clip format or the entire movie in your media player. Overall, Mr Chew’s Asian Beaver is a great value and one of the top sites you’ll feast your eyes on in this niche.