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Lexxi Steele Sex Adventures

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Lexxi Steele took a deep breath and let out a huge sigh.

It was quiet, FINALLY for the first time since the holiday weekend began on Friday.

Lexxi Steele didn’t normally look forward to Tuesday mornings, or any morning for that matter, being a night owl her whole life. But today everyone went back to their daily routines of work and school and Lexxi Steele was able to go back to her routine. And her peace and quiet.

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Lexxi Steele Sex Continued

The house reflected the fact that the weekend was spent entertaining family and friends with BBQ’s and a birthday party. Knowing that she couldn’t put it off, Lexxi Steele finished her coffee, pulled her long auburn tresses up into a haphazard pony tail, and set to work on the laundry and house cleaning.

Lexxi Steele moved around the house with practiced ease, she was used to the daily routine that kept the house running smoothly, but after the long weekend todays chore list was more than double. Even still she finished the majority of the house work in less than 3 hours. The pink cotton shorts and white tank top she had pulled on in preparation for the marathon cleaning session now clung to her lush curves thanks to the light sheen of sweat on her smooth alabaster skin.

She allowed herself a small satisfied sigh, this time, as she lit her favorite lilac scented candles. The light lilac perfume masked the smell of cleaning supplies leaving the house smelling of early spring and fresh beginnings.

Now it was time to relax a bit, and that would start with a nice hot shower. Lexxi Steele gathered up a fresh set of clothing, choosing a light butter yellow summer dress, and decided for the second time that day to forgo the constrictions of a bra and panties.

She stepped into the freshly scrubbed bathroom, turning on the shower and exhaust fan on her way to the towel rack where she hung her dress. The steam from her shower filled the air around her as she stepped out of the cotton shorts and kicked them away from her bare feet. Glancing at her feet, she absentmindedly took note of the chip in the slut red polish on her toe nails, she’d have to pamper herself with a pedicure later. Lexxi Steele tugged the white tank top up and over her full breasts, enjoying the sensation as her breasts swayed and settled back in place. With a final tug over he head, the tank top soon joined the shorts in a tidy pile near her feet.

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