Virgin Fisters

Ah yes, the fine art of fisting. Fisting is the all-too-accurate name we have given to the age-old sexual practice of inserting the entire hand, and occasionally part of the wrist and arm, into the cunt (vaginal fisting) or asshole (anal fisting and, also, handballing) of our sexual partner. Believe it or not, there are actual scientific terms for these practices. Among eggheads, vaginal fisting is known as “brachiovaginal eroticism” and asshole fisting is called “brachioproctic eroticism”. None of this tells you whether Virgin Fisters is a good fisting porn site, but it helps to know the fundamentals.

Like author D.M. Thomas, whose novel The White Hotel features a main character who is uses his girlfriend’s twat as his own personal hand-warmer, the folks behind Virgin Fisters are obsessed with the sacred act of forcing as much skin, muscle and bone into a cavity designed for a six-inch long hot-dog shaped thingy as it can take… and beyond. The depraved acts of vaginal indifference depicted in the scores of video and photo galleries on display at Virgin Fisters are so biologically intrusive that they take on a sort of holiness. Fisting is a sacred act, kind of like a prayer. Only praying takes two hands. But don’t worry, there’s some girls on Virgin Fisters who can do that, too.

There is much original content available at Virgin Fisters, so much so that the evening I spent perusing the site barely allowed me to scratch the surface. This is remarkable to me, because I never knew there were so many horny women wanting to get their pussies, and sometimes their asses, manually spread wide open. And the crazy insertions don’t stop with hands! There’s one video – part of a longer set – in which a girl gets fisted, then sticks a champagne bottle up her pussy before popping out ping-pong balls from out of nowhere. That kind of blew my mind. In another video, one girl gets fisted vaginally while the same guy gently fists her ass. She was barely making a sound, let me tell you.

The videos here range in length from 5 to 15 minutes long, and they are all downloadable in both mpeg and mov format. The video quality is great, as is the sound, which helps you hear every squelching, squishy detail. Most excellent hardcore fisting action.

But man cannot live on fisting alone, and the people behind Virgin Fisters understand that. That’s why they provide subscribers with ooey-gooey loads of bonus sites, catering to all tastes and fetishes. You get free access to all kinds of downloadable hardcore content, as well as chat rooms, hookup boards and even some free live sex show feeds from Amsterdam, which makes Virgin Fisters quite the adult entertainment bargain.

I give Virgin Fisters Five Fingers Up! I mean, think about it… how could I not?!