Asian Snatch

Everybody was Kung-fu FUCKING! The almond-eyed, slender-framed, subservient beauties of the Orient have always held men in their erotic thrall, and their exotic mystique is on full display at Asian Snatch. Here you’ll find the most complete collection of Asian-related hardcore that I’ve ever come across, and I mean that literally!

Getting through the huge collection of high-resolution photographs in’s massive, regularly-updated gallery archives was impossible… that’s one helluva lot of content. Simply put, this is the most comprehensive collection of Asian-oriented photography that I’ve ever come across, and I’ve come across many, and once again, I mean that literally!

The video selection is equally mammoth, with every possible fetish and perversion covered. If an Asian girl has done it, Asian Snatch has the video. There are literally hundreds of categories, with multiple resolution settings, and who knows how many hours of video… which you can either stream or download as WMV or MPG files, for those days when your net cuts out.

This being a Guerilla site, you also get a whole mess of free stuff, including access to a wide variety of sister-sites covering all the bases in the glittering diamond that is the adult entertainment industry. When you’re in the mood for Chinese – or Japanese, or Vietnamese, or Filipino, or Korean, or Laotian, or whatever – Asian Snatch is the one home delivery menu you always want to have at the ready.

You know, the exotic delights of the Far East are truly unique to that part of the world. It’s easy to fall for the seductive submissiveness of the women from a land where appearances can definitely be deceiving. It’s an interesting dichotomy that while Asian women are seen as so demure, the pornography from Asia is the absolute hardest of the hardcore. We’re not just talking about sucking and fucking, here… Asia is the land from whence the ancient tradition of bukkake was spawned!

Two final words of advice: No, number 69 is definitely NOT beef with broccoli, and yes, you WILL be hungry for more sooner than you think. But that’s okay, because when you subscribe to Asian Snatch, you get a generous helping of free bonus adult entertainment materials, including unrestricted access to a number of websites and services covering every genre and niche, not restricted strictly to the Asian fetish.

I give Asian Snatch Five Fingers Up, Grasshopper! No translation necessary!