Casting Couch Teens

The teen niche is fully exploited with a good bit of reality casting and some humorous scripting in Casting Couch Teens. The premise of the site is a cute teen girl looking for a start in the entertainment business come to an office for an interview and take a seat on the casting couch. You probably know where the plot goes from here. Most of these girls profess the desire to become models, and the interviewer convinces them that nude modeling might not be a bad way to get started. Before you know it, these girls are performing hardcore sexual acts for their chance at stardom.

There isn’t much drama in the scenes but there is often some humor, whether it’s intended or not. However, the content is top quality and the full length movies in the members’ area are extremely stimulating and there is good quantity in the archives. This site is updated quite often so the offerings rarely go stale. The trailers on the front of the site are numerous, and provide a quality glimpse of the full length feature.

The movies are all high quality, replete with flat TV-style lighting, ludicrous plots, dialogue, and acting. You get full access to the thousands of real movies and videos plus photos. Since Casting Couch Teens is reality based, the streaming videos are the primary feature. However there are thousands of high quality video still photos from the movies. These photos are a great tool for viewing previews before streaming a video.

Of course the term reality is stretching the truth a little bit but who cares. The girls play their limited scripts well in most cases and the narrator/director has some good dialogue and one liners himself. Although the content is exclusive, a negative may be that many of these girls have been seen on various other sites if you are a regular in the world of adult internet. If you’re not, then these cuties are all a new surprise for you.

These videos are entertaining plus the sex is hot as hell in most cases. You also have the option of viewing the videos in movie clip format or the entire movie in your media player. Overall, Casting Couch Teens is a great value and one of the top sites in the ever crowded teen niche.