Julianne Moore’s New Nude Photo

Celebrity news update..

Julianne Moore

We all know that Julianne Moore is no stranger to nudity. The 43-year-old actress flashed her who-ha in Short Cuts and more recently revealed her rack in The End of the Affair, so when W magazine came to her with the idea to pose nude she had no problem. Helping with Julianne’s comfort level is the fact that the photog was Michael Thompson is married to her yoga teacher. Julianne explains, Usually, with magazines you do a cover shoot and an article and I said, ‘I really don’t want to do a story. I have no story. I’m so boring. Everybody knows my story – I’m married. I live in the Village.’ So I wanted to do something different. They called me back with this idea of three photographers to shoot a narrative of me and it’s gonna be 42 pages and it was really fun and different and challenging. There was only one nude picture and I was on my stomach. It’s not racy at all. If you see it, it’s very tame. It’s Michael Thompson, who’s a wonderful photographer and he’s my yoga teacher’s husband, so honestly it’s very, very tame.”

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