Ashley Brookes

Ashley Brookes.. Blonde campus hottie Ashley Brookes has a confident smile with a kinky attitude to match.

Last April 7, the amateur teen girl formerly known as Nikki Nevada launched her single model site, Ashley Brookes site. This 19 year old college student from the Midwest has made her transition from being just another performer into a webmaster and a model within months of deciding to venture into cyberspace on her own.

This young blonde traces her roots to Kansas City and capitalizes on her Midwestern “girl next door” charm by doing photo shoots in settings that probably remind us of her Midwestern roots. In the episode “Here Kitty, Kitty.” Ashley is featured playing with her ‘kitty’ amidst bales of hay. She starts out with a maroon top and short denim skirt, which are both discarded in favour of leopard print underwear. No task is so mundane that Ashley can’t turn it into a sexy activity just like what she did in the episode “Dirty Laundry.” This photo set containing 71 pics shows Ashley doing the laundry using a washing machine and enjoying herself at the same time. She even sits on top of the washing machine to take advantage of its vibrations and she finishes off with a big “O” You won’t look at a washing machine the same way again after you’ve viewed Ashley Brookes provocative set.

Ashley updates her photo galleries every 2 to 3 days, with 40+ photo sets currently provided to members. The photos are of excellent quality and come in a relatively high resolution of 800×600 pixels, with file sizes ranging from 80KB to as high as 240KB. Each photo set consists of around 60 to 100 pictures and members have the option to view the gallery online or download the whole set in a zip file.

There are three additional photo sets in Ashley’s Secret Archive featuring photos of her while she was in Los Angeles posing for the renowned photographer Stephen Hicks, who has shot the Penthouse Pet centerfold for over 20 years. The last set of her L.A. stint is a black and white gallery consisting of 108 photos that certainly portray Ashley in a unique way. However, the lighting isn’t consistent throughout the shoot, with some shots appearing to be overexposed while others are underexposed.

Ashley Brookes site currently has variety of videos featuring the sweet Kansas beauty in various situations that are quite similar to those featured in her photo sets. There are episodes featuring Ashley while she is doing her laundry, taking a bath and fooling around with a bomb pop. Another yummy treat is seeing her being topped with chocolate syrup and whipped cream to create a seductively sinful Ashley Brookes sundae. She even had her own version of the famous milk ad campaign which is entitled “Got Ashley?” However, it was quite distracting to have a photographer taking photos of her with his camera clicking and flashing throughout the episode. This ruined the mood of the episode and not even the moans of Ashley getting off because of her naughty fingers could salvage it.

The movies have a resolution of 240×320 pixels and take quite a long while to download even when using a broadband connection. You will need Windows Media player in order to view the movies, which are divided into four clips of around one minute each. Unlike most pay sites, Ashley Brookes site allows you to download the whole video in one file so you can enjoy the whole episode without being cut off abruptly.

The Diary section contains Ashley’s entries about her everyday activities such as going to the gym and playing with her ‘kitty’ – this time it’s a real cat that she named Herman.

Ashley Brookes live weekly cam shows can be accessed through the Sex Cam Central network. Members can watch Ashley’s one hour session at no extra charge as well as the web cam shows of other girls in the Sex Cam Central network. In order to chat with the performer, you will require Internet Explorer (version 3.01 or higher) or Netscape (version 2 or higher).

If you want to interact with the star of the site, you can go to the chat board section and post a message in the forum or even create a thread of your own. In one of the threads, Ashley clarified why she split from her previous known Nikki Nevada. She reveals that she prefers “to be more involved rather than just smiling for a few pics every now and then” so she decided to start up her own site and run it herself.

Navigation is very simple at Ashley Brookes site mainly because of the navigation bar that is located on top of every web page. You can easily jump from one section to the next by clicking on the clearly labelled buttons. The white and pink colour motif of the site is very appropriate for a 19-year old and the site design does not distract you from the hardcore content of Ashley Brookes site.

Ashley Brookes site is well laid out, offers plenty of exclusive content, has an accessible email address and message board so the membership fees are a good deal at $28.63 for 30 days (recurring every 30 days), $49.76 for every 60 days (recurring every 60 days), and $59.83 for 90 days (recurring every 90 days). You have the option to pay using credit cards or online checks.

By reading through her diary and her personal comments in the forums, Ashley Brookes comes across as a total sweetie who is someone fun to be around with and loves being in front of a camera. This strong-willed teenager has shown that she has much more to offer her fans and Ashley Brookes site is a testament to her independence and enthusiasm for her chosen career.

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