Terminatrix (Loken) Is Targeting Chicks

Celebrity news update..

Kristanna Loken

The new TX from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines must run on AC/DC power because it turns out she goes either way. Twice in the past, stunning model-turned-actress Kristanna Loken, who played the new killer robot, has been seen out locking lips with butch singer Pink. First they were seen smooching in L.A. club Monte Carlo during a party and then the next night they took their show to Jimmy’z, where things really heated up. The 24-year-old redhead and the singer were dirty dancing and gazing into each other’s eyes on the dance floor, but then moved to a dark corner when they noticed how much attention they were attracting. A witness says, “They barely came up for air this time. They were rubbing against each other and hands were everywhere. Pink went mad when she spotted a photographer and dragged Kristanna into a dark corner for a bit of privacy, but it wasn’t long before they were in full view of everyone again.”

When asked to comment on all that kissing Loken admitted that she prefers kissing women, but was quick to add that she’s still into men too. “Kissing a girl is much, much nicer than kissing a man. I think it is more intimate to be honest. I suppose it is more sensitive. I think females bond better than with men, although I do find men attractive. Sometimes girls just want go for it with a female friend. And usually you’ll get a good reaction from men who are looking at you. It wasn’t the first time I kissed a girl when I kissed Pink, you know – oh God, no. But I won’t give too much away.” Can’t wait for her to get her hands on Claire Danes again in the next Terminator flick!

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